Custom Flexible Electric Heaters

Specializing in Silicone Rubber and Kapton® Polyimide Custom Heaters. Delivering Quality, Expertise, and Superior Service since 1987

Why a Custom Heater?

Heater Applications

Automotive Heaters


Keeping cars and trucks on the road, even in sub-zero temperatures
Aerospace Heaters


De-icing and freeze protection for vital aircraft components
Electronics and Semiconductor Heaters

Medical Equipment

High quality and reliability for critical care applications

Metal Fabrication

Quickly heat metals to allow for bending and forming
Outdoor Freeze Protection Heaters

Outdoor Freeze Protection

Small and durable, our heaters can protect outdoor equipment from ice buildup and freezing
Food Services and Production Heaters

Food Service and Production

Sanitary and water resistant heaters for food and beverage applications
Medical Equipment Heaters

Electronics and Semiconductor

Heaters for electronic test equipment and reliability testing

Other Industrial Heater Applications

Enabling precise temperature control for industrial manufacturing processes

Kapton® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company