Other Flexible Heaters

Other Heater Materials

Vinyl Heaters

Vinyl Heaters

Suitable for temperatures up to 140ºF (+60ºC), vinyl heaters are a lower cost alternative for lower temperature applications. Slightly more rigid than traditional silicone rubber, vinyl heaters exhibit good mechanical durability and water resistance.

  • Typical applications
  • Brewing
  • Fermentation
  • Food and beverage production
Mylar® Polyester Heaters

Mylar® Polyester Heaters

Thin and lightweight, polyester heaters are a good low cost alternative for applications less than 120ºF (+50ºC). Polyester thin films heaters are also optically clear for situations where a transparent heater is desirable.​


Other Heaters

At Heater Designs, we occasionally use other materials as the basis of our heaters. As we custom design and build heaters specific to each customer application, we will work with whether you need a typical application heater or a flexible heater. We will help you select the most appropriate construction materials to meet your needs.

Mylar® is a registered trademark of DuPont Teijin Films