Why Custom

Why Choose a Custom Heater?

Standard off-the-shelf heaters are designed with fixed sizes and wattages. What if the stock sizes and specifications don't exactly fit your needs?

Don't redesign your parts and processes around available heaters. Get a custom heater to fit your requirements.

When properly matched to the application, a custom heating solution can provide the right amount of heat exactly where it is needed. This can result in lower operational costs, reduced complexity and lower ​design costs ​of the temperature control system, and increased equipment lifetime and reliability.

Lower Operational Costs

  • Lower your electric bill by eliminating wasted energy from unnecessary overheating
  • Save time and money by controlling the temperature ramp-up of your processes

Reduced System Complexity

  • Simplify costly temperature control systems by using a heater with an output matched to your needs

Increased Lifetimes and Improved Reliability

  • Protect your parts and equipment from temperature stresses due to unnecessary temperature cycling, as an improperly matched heater will cycle on and off more than necessary
  • Reduced stressing and cycling may also lead to longer heater lifetimes, as compared to stock heaters